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Via the lovely Rebecca Rosenberg, It's not ideal

Via the lovely Rebecca Rosenberg
It's not ideal. Here's why:
Packages of "Raw" Food you buy in the store.
If it is pre-made and comes in a package that does not rapidly expire, even if it says "raw" on the package, it's likely NOT a truly raw food. The other possibility is that it could be full of fat (nuts, seeds, oils) or salt to preserve, or fermented (which normally involves heating, salt and vinegar), or dried or heated at an undisclosed temperature.
This is kindly called raw vegan gourmet or more bluntly called raw vegan junk food. Personally, I call them Raw Vegan Cheats. Yep, harsh words... I know...
Real raw food will deteriorate rapidly, so it's very hard to preserve it for packaging to sell in a store with a long expiration date. Fresh is always best.
If you are craving sweets, you might consider increasing sweet fruits in your regular diet and get them in sooner in the day.
If you are craving salt, you might consider increasing sodium-rich foods like celery, greens, lemons, limes, tomatoes, etc... and eating them more frequently all day.
If you are craving fats, focus on the fruity fats like avocado, fresh young coconut, durian, dragon fruit, etc.. until you can slowly decrease to 10% or less on average. It is also best to save your fats for the evening time, which is usually when cravings will hit the hardest. Fats take the longest to digest (overnight), and should not be eaten with sweet fruits for keeping blood sugar from spiking/crashing.
Anything bought in the grocery store from the non-refrigerated aisles that says "raw" on the package like nutrition bars, candy bars, and veggie or kale chips are likely not truly raw.
Nuts, even the ones labeled "raw," are almost always blanched, unless you buy them online from a reputable source of truly raw nuts.
Seeds can be questionable too. The best source of seeds is from the actual fruit. If you want pumpkin seeds, buy the whole pumpkin.
For the refrigerated stuff, check for the word "unpasteurized" and for a rapid expiration date, like 2-3 days max. Even cold-pressed is questionable, but is slightly better than pasteurized.
I hope this helps you figure out what is actually raw and what is merely jumping on the raw movement for profit. Remember, these industries thrive on food addictions. They know how to create happy repeat customers by convincing them that their food is healthy and real and is safe to eat every single day.
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Update : 05-03-2018

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